Summer vacation in Franconian Switzerland

We would like to give you and overview of numerous recreational activities and sights located in Affalterthal/Egloffstein and the vicinity. This can help you to plan your stay in advance in one of our centrally located apartments.

Recreational activities and tourist attractions

Hiking paradise Trubachtal
The surrounding area is ideal for hiking. With an over 190-kilometer long path network, the following villages can be visited by foot: Affalterthal, Bärnfels, Egolffstein, Geschwand, Hiltpoltstein, Obertrubach, Thuisbrunn und Wolfsberg.
There are 26 circular tracks and 11 smaller paths through this beautiful area.

Climbing parks nearby
The climbing parks in Pottenstein and Betzenstein offer different courses with the right difficulty for everybody.

Canoeing on the Wiesent
A canoe ride on the Wiesent is a memorable activitie for young and old. You don’t have to own your own boat, rentals are available in Muggendorf and Doos.

There are a lot of caves in the area; the biggest and most beautiful are Teufelshöhle, Binghöhle und Sophienhöhle. Smaller caves like Schönsteinhöhle, Oswaldhöhle as well as a lot of others can be visited without a guide.

One of the most well-known and beautiful climbing areas in Germany and Europe is located here in Franconian Switzerland. Climbing icons such as Wolfgangn Güllich und Kurt Albert have opened up a lot of climbing routes here. From beginners to advanced climbers there are routes available for everybody.

Summer Sledge Riding
With Frankenrodel and Frankenbob in Pottenstein you can have a lot of fun on the 1000 m long ride.

Golf, Mini Golf and Pit-Pat

Mini Golf und Pit-Pat
The closest mini golf course is located in Schlehenmühle. Pit-Pat can be played in Gößweinstein.

Golf for everybody (even without a license) can be played in Pottenstein. An additional golf course for more experienced players can be found in Kanndorf.

The closest swimming pool is an outdoor pool located in Egloffstein. Additional pools can be found in Gößweinstein, Ebermannstadt, Streitberg und Muggendorf.


Franconian Switzerland with its serpentine roads is the ideal location for motorbikes.

Getting married on the Egloffstein castle
For the most beautiful event in your life, the city of Egloffstein offers the possibility to get married in the Egloffstein Castle.

A climbing park in Franconian Switzerland
Summer sledge riding
A paradise for hiking
Your destination in summer
Impressions during summer
Cheery harvest
Canoeing on the Wiesent